How CogniRead works?

When you read on screen, your eyes gaze around the screen and make quick movements. In this process your eyes blink at different frequencies and make fixations. The duration of these fixations and the blinking pattern reflects your qualiy of reading.

How to Setup

Step by Step guide to use CogniRead on your PC.

  • Get the CogniRead Plugin from
  • Once plugin is installed, Login (through google id) & Provide camera access permission to the plugin.
  • Once the camera access permission is granted to the plugin it will show the “Start analyze” button.
    Note : In case even after granting the camera access to the extension, the extension does not show “Start analyze” button then give Chrome browser permission to use camera at Windows/MacOS private settings.
    Checkout the process at :
  • Open the tab where you want to read and click on “Start analyze button to start the reading session with CogniRead.
  • The plugin will start showing Comprehension and Attention scores after almost a minute of reading.
  • Once done with reading, click on “Stop analyze” button.
  • The sessions tab will show the details of recent reading sessions in brief. 
  • Click on “Go to dashboard” button to visit the dashboard for elaborated analytics of your current & past reading sessions.

    Note : Always sign into your dashboard with the same google id used for signing into the extension.

Important Instructions of Use

Instructions for better accuracy in results

  • Make sure that you have a stable & decent speed internet connection. Since the analysis is done through the CogniRead online servers hence it is not possible as of now to operate without the internet.
  • Make sure the room is properly lit.
  • Please ensure your face is inside the camera frame (Check video settings to ensure)
  • Try to keep your face centre aligned with laptop screen, it will give more accurate results.
  • Make sure that you are not wearing sunglasses or tinted spectacles. As this might be a hindrance in analysing your eye movement.
  • Try to avoid wearing too bright/highly reflective/flashy clothes while using the plugin as it might be a hindrance for the camera to focus on eyes.
  • Always remember to pause/stop the plugin as soon as you are done with reading or taking a break.