CogniRead is an AI & ML driven plugin tool to accurately predict your reading performance at cognitive level based on your eye activity captured through cameras embedded in smartphones and computers.

CogniRead can be used by any student who wants to improve the way they have been studying. Users can get actionable feedback on their reading performance and improve their score. Students, Instructors and language training institutes/coaching institutes all can benefit if they use CogniRead.

CogniRead uses a patented technology which tracks user eye activity patterns and analyses the same to measure the reading performance at cognitive level.

Yes, we have a refund policy. Kindly check the refund policy on the website to understand better.

No, CogniRead does not store user videos, for CogniRead to work it stores eye tracking data of the user which is captured through the video camera of the device.

No, CogniRead does not share the personal performance data of users.

For CogniRead to work you’d require

  1. A personal computer/laptop with a video camera.
  2. A stable decent speed internet connection.

CogniRead does not guarantee and neither has it claimed 100% accuracy in its results. So it cannot be challenged for the same. CogniRead is a tool that is based on a machine learning module in its backend and with machine learning more the user data it gets, better it becomes in accuracy of the software.

Currently with a single user account, at a time only one device can use CogniRead.

No, currently for CogniRead to work it needs to communicate with our servers this is possible only through an active internet connection.

Yes, CogniRead offers a trial to all its new users.

Yes, but since CogniRead currently works as a chrome extension it can only read text files(Pdf or any other text file) that could be opened in the chrome browser.

In case after granting access to camera, the extension does not show the “Start Analyze” button, then grant Chrome browser permission to use camera at Windows/MacOS private settings.

Allow camera access to Chrome, open
Windows: Settings > Privacy & Security >Camera
MacOS: System preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access
Give an access to Chrome and restart it.

Refer the image below :

You can easily pin the extension to the chrome browser for a better accessibility.
Click on the pin icon next to CogniRead extension in extension dropdown menu.

Refer the image below: